Paying it Forward

It was rough dragging myself from bed this morning to get to my 9 am lecture. With last night being halloween, my friends and I decided to celebrate along with the majority of my fellow community members. So needless to say I was feeling slightly under the weather this morning and really in need of a coffee.

Yours truly enjoying my coffee that was boughten by a stranger

Yours truly enjoying my coffee that was bought by a stranger

As I was waiting in the familiar line of Tim Hortons, the young man in front of my friend and I, jumped into our conversation regarding the previous nights activities. As he got to the counter he asked us what we wanted. As he paid for our coffees, we thanked him, and he respond, ” Today is a good day to do these kinds of things…” he kindly smiled, turned and left.

This simple five minute encounter with a complete stranger made my day. Its funny how something as simple as paying for my $1.60 coffee and engaging in small talk can change the mood of my entire day. I will definitely be passing on this simple act of kindness. Every day is a good day to show kindness to other people. Even if it is as simple as buying someones coffee.


So spread the kindness, what will you do to make someones day?


4 thoughts on “Paying it Forward

  1. Either I have good karma coming my way or more people are passing on the random acts of kindness. This morning when I came down to the locker room at the gym, sitting on the bench in front of my locker was a small bag of carmel popcorn, with a note attached saying, “you’ve just experienced a random act of kindness!”

    As much as I think that handing out carmel popcorn at the gym is defeating the purpose of going to the gym, its the thought that counts. This just goes to show that you never know when you will be subjected to someone else’s random acts of kindness. Since I had just experienced a stranger buying me coffee yesterday, I left this treat for someone else to take.

    So keep those random acts of kindness coming, and pay it forward.

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