Chocolate Banana Cookies

Every Monday I volunteer at the Community Care Access Centre for a couple of hours, and every time I’m there they have a tubber ware box… ya a box I shit you not… of delicious looking cookies, muffins, scones, danishes… you name, its in this box.

When we go for break everyone usually grabs a goodie from this box to have with their tea or coffee, but I have some how managed to resist doing this for the whole year. I haven’t found it to be that hard to say no, since over the winter I was a little more slack on indulging in little treats here and there. But over the last couple of weeks I have started to become more strict with my diet, as summer is quickly approaching. Need to get beach bod ready!

This past Monday I found resisting the box of treats more difficult than usual… probably because I haven’t had anything sweet in about two weeks. I basically sat there drooling while watching this man indulge in not one, but two of the biggest, most delicious cookies I have ever seen.

It is now Wednesday and I am still craving a cookie. So I decided to whip up a batch of homemade cookies this morning, that were of course healthy.


Chocolate Banana Cookies


 What your sexy self will need:

1 medium size banana

1 cup of rolled oats

2 tsp of all natural cocoa

Peel the banana and place into a bowl and microwave for about 30 seconds (unless the banana is really ripe already). Take the banana out of the microwave and start to mash it with a fork. Once the banana is roughly mashed, mix in the oats, and cocoa. Using a fork mash, and fold the ingredients together until it is well blended. Place the mixture on a cookie sheet that is covered with parchment paper. Divide the mixture into 6 evenly sized cookies. Bake at 350 C for 10 minutes.

These bad boys only took about 15 minutes to make with the bake time included, and wow are they delicious. These cookies are perfect for a snack before or after the gym. Happy snacking 🙂


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