The Glass is Always Half Full

When your faced with a challenge, do you often find yourself saying things like,

“I can’t do this…”

“I hate this…”

“This would happen to me..”

I used to find myself always dwelling on the negative perspective of things. I often caught myself, and sometimes still do, thinking too much into things or focusing on small things that in reality had little significance.

I began asking myself, “Is this going to matter to me in a few hours? A few days? How about 5 years from now?”

The thing is our thoughts determine our actions. If we don’t believe we can do something, we won’t. Sometimes we can’t do something at that exact point in time, but over time if we rise to the challenge we will eventually will be able too. That “I can’t..” then becomes “I can…”.

positive-minds-quotesThe trick is to start thinking more positively, substitute those negative words for positive ones, and as a result our actions will reflect this. Don’t doubt yourself before you try, because you will be surprised of what you are capable of.

Start seeing the glass as half full instead of half empty, and begin living a more positive life.

So get out there and spread those positive vibes out into the universe!



Sweet enough already

Some days I feel like its World War III in my head…



Because craving things that are sweet is almost an everyday thing for me, I have to come up with healthy alternatives that can satisfy my sweet tooth cravings but at the same time don’t sabotage my ‘diet’.

So here is an idea I came across that was too delicious to not share…

Home made chocolate pudding… ya thats right chocolate 🙂

Home made chocolate pudding

Home made chocolate pudding

In a bowl put 3/4 cup of plain greek yogurt, a dash or two of natural unsweetened cocoa, a drop or two of stevia and mix ingredients. If you really want to spoil yourself, wash a couple of strawberries to dip in the pudding. BOOM, healthy snack at your finger tips!


What’s You’re Motivation?

You know the feeling… its that familiar feeling you get every morning when your alarm clock goes off. All you want to do is chuck it across the room and sleep for five more minutes.

I don’t know about you guys but if your bed is as comfy and warm as mine it makes it extremely difficult to get up and start the day, especially with the cold winter weather fast approaching.

Typical early morning workoutI mean its only human to feel a little unmotivated every once and a while. The trick is to find things that inspire you and keep you motivated, even in the times where you feel like laying on the couch with a glass of wine in one hand and a bag of chips in the other.

For me my biggest motivation is my mom. She started this lifestyle change with me. We encouraged, and supported one another, and at times when one of us felt like skipping the gym or indulging in a bag of cookies we talked some sense into one another.

Although there are other things that I find help keep my motivation up, having someone with similar health goals  as you is the best cure for the temptation of throwing in the towel.

Forget about that person who says they want to loose weight and get fit one minute and the next you see them with a large hot chocolate and gingerbread cookie in hand. You need to find that person who is as serious as you, otherwise they will just set you up for failure and encourage you to cheat more than you should.

So even as tempting as it is to shut off my alarm at 6:30 am and stay cuddled up in my warm, queen size, pillow-top bed, I never regret failing to do so when I kill my work out, and set my day up to be a great day… every day.

Just remember if it was easy everyone would do it. So keep motivated, I promise you, you won’t regret it.

A Colourful Way to Look at Food

When you think of clean eating what do you think of? I know my answer to this question would be very different if i was asked this at the beginning of summer, and right now. When I first began this journey of developing a new lifestyle, I would have considered myself to be a relatively healthy eater, but the truth was that I wasn’t… not even close.

When I first started changing my diet and eating clean, I thought it was such a boring way of eating, and questioned whether I would be able to keep up with it. I quickly discovered that clean eating doesn’t mean your meals have to be boring, or bland. I started following other health fanatics on social media networks like Twitter and Instagram in order to get new and exciting food ideas. I obviously have to adjust these meals/ideas slightly to work for me and my diet but doing this made me realize that eating healthy definitely does not have to be boring, or bland.

I wanted to share this food idea that my mom had found in a magazine article, in order to show that healthy eating can be flavourful, and exciting. The dish is called Almond-Crusted Fish with Orange Salsa. We slightly altered the recipe in order to fit our diet and tastebuds but this is now one of favourite meals.

The type of fish that is recommended include: Tilapia, Haddock, Halibut, and wild Salmon. Once you decide on what type of fish you want, spread a little bit of dijon mustard on top of the fish. Instead of using bread crumbs to bread the fish, we crushed up ryvita crackers and almonds in a separate bowl. We then sprinkled this mixture on top of the fish fillets. We baked the fish at 400 F, for 8-10 minutes.

For the orange salsa, we combined oranges (2 oranges, peeled and cut into small chunks), red peppers, red onion, cilantro and 1 Tbsp of olive oil.

For the quinoa dish, we cooked the quinoa according to the directions on the box, and once cooked we placed in the fridge to cool. Once the quinoa was cooled we added cucumbers, red onion, peppers, and fresh cilantro. If you require a sauce for this side dish I recommend, the low cal kraft Italian dressing.

Finally, for added aesthetics and flavour we sliced up a tomato and sprinkled with herbs and baked under the broiler.

Not only does this dish look amazing, it is so delich! Happy Eating 🙂

Paying it Forward

It was rough dragging myself from bed this morning to get to my 9 am lecture. With last night being halloween, my friends and I decided to celebrate along with the majority of my fellow community members. So needless to say I was feeling slightly under the weather this morning and really in need of a coffee.

Yours truly enjoying my coffee that was boughten by a stranger

Yours truly enjoying my coffee that was bought by a stranger

As I was waiting in the familiar line of Tim Hortons, the young man in front of my friend and I, jumped into our conversation regarding the previous nights activities. As he got to the counter he asked us what we wanted. As he paid for our coffees, we thanked him, and he respond, ” Today is a good day to do these kinds of things…” he kindly smiled, turned and left.

This simple five minute encounter with a complete stranger made my day. Its funny how something as simple as paying for my $1.60 coffee and engaging in small talk can change the mood of my entire day. I will definitely be passing on this simple act of kindness. Every day is a good day to show kindness to other people. Even if it is as simple as buying someones coffee.


So spread the kindness, what will you do to make someones day?

Team No Days Off

It was that time of year again, packing everything I own into boxes and moving back home for the summer. I never thought I would have said it, but I was actually relieved to move home that summer. I didn’t feel myself… I felt sad, maybe a little depressed, but mostly unhappy with who I was as a person.  I drank way to much, relied on weed to get through my day, and had a negative outlook on life and the people in it.  With all the personal drama going on in my life I realized I didn’t want to be this negative, unhappy person.

I decided that, that summer was going to be dedicated to me. As lame as it sounds, but to find myself. The only way I knew I could do this was to change the life I was living. Not only did I stop smoking weed, and reduced my drinking to once a week, if that, but I also changed my eating habits, my gym routine and as a result my thinking and view on life became more positive.

On the right is me 135 lbs fresh out of school in april, and on the left is me 124 lbs with a 19% BF in August 2013, after my lifestyle change

On the left is me 135 lbs fresh out of school in april, and on the right is me 124 lbs with a 19% BF in August 2013, after my lifestyle change

The hardest part was quitting smoking, because I had relied on it for so long. I had been going to the gym for a couple weeks, and one night I decided to smoke before my workout. I noticed a major difference in my performance, and I was more lazy and not focused on my workout. Also, smoking made me want to munch out especially on unhealthy foods. These two things were the major stepping stones to quitting smoking.

The high that I get from working out and eating healthy is a better and more powerful high than the high I have ever gotten from smoking, drinking or eating unhealthy. I have never felt so beautiful, so happy or so healthy in my life.

I wanted to post my story because I know that it is easy to stay in the same mundane routine because it is what we know and change just seems impossible or too hard. I know it is easy to get wrapped up in all the stressors of life, and the drama of people surrounding us. However, sometimes you just need to realize that you need to focus on yourself. Sometimes you need to take a minute and realize what truly makes you happy, and sometimes that means cutting people or habits out of your life. But no matter how hard that may be, in the end it is worth it.

So my challenge to you… what makes you feel beautiful, happy and healthy?